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DE0-Nano hooked up to a PSP screen!

Rarely do we see a project that integrates hardware and software all completed by one hobbyist. That’s what makes this project so amazing. Florian from eStuffz has posted his recent project involving driving a PSP screen with a DE0-Nano Cyclone IV E FPGA development kit. The Sharp LQ043 is a TFT display measuring 4.3″ across, and as the module has no direct means of connecting to the FPGA dev kit, Florian fabricates his own PCB to support connecting to the 40-pin expansion headers, and then goes own to describe the various challenges in terms of soldering and how to overcome them. In the end, we can see that Florian uses the embedded CPU, Nios II, to drive the on-screen display, using the on-board SDRAM as a frame buffer.