Terasic’s Stratix V FPGA Kits Named One of the 2012 Hot 100 Products by EDN

Terasic today announced that EDN has named Terasic’s Stratix V FPGA Development Kits as one of the “100 Hot Products of 2012”. The 2012 EDN Hot 100 highlights the electronics industry’s most significant products of the year based on innovation, significance, usefulness, and popularity.

To fulfill the design needs that demand high speed, advanced memory interfacing, and the highest logic capacity, Terasic has just announced a host of new FPGA boards for tackling high-bandwidth applications such as high frequency trading, data acquisition, networking, and signal processing.

The boards come in three flavors: the TR5-Lite , which features a conveniently small form-factor; the DE5-NET , which maximizes memory, speed, and bandwidth capabilities; and the TR5-F40W , which promotes flexibility and feature expansion.

“As future high frequency trading and networking applications are leaning towards utilizing FPGAs with high-bandwidth memory architectures, Terasic aims to leverage its proximity to high-quality manufacturers to deliver cost-competitive state-of-the-art solutions for today’s high performance computing and finance industry,” states Terasic CEO Sean Peng.

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