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FPGA to FPGA Video Transmission

Video to video FPGA transmission? Possible with the VEEK-MT development kit! Tailored for video and image processing, we’re showcasing the VEEK-MT’s awesomely integrated features by performing video transmission between two kits. Utilizing the VGA output to TV input from each of the kits, we’re able to broadcast the opposite camera feeds. Video with more details below:

Running Quartus II with a Mac? No problem.

I recently just bought a Macbook Air (lovely piece of machinery), only to have a horrifying question dawn on me.

Will my Macbook Air run Quartus II? (insert scared face here)

The answer is no. No version of the Mac OS will natively support current versions of Quartus II and Nios II EDS. But the answer is also fortunately yes! Macbook comes with a great software known as Parallels, which runs Quartus II without a hitch.

Mac USB Connection with Quartus II

  1. Install Parallels, Windows 7, and USB Blaster drivers.
  2. Connect FPGA board to Mac
  3. ???
  4. Profit!
Programming the DE0-Nano with a Macbook Air

Programming the DE0-Nano with a Macbook Air